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Post by Skwike »

Thinking of getting an ID4, so thought I'd look around and do some research. So far I've found if it has MAX in the name it has toys. Oh, and the big battery is nice.
The current car is a KIA eNiro 4+. Trouble with rear wheel bearings at 18k hasn't inspired confidence, and the replacements being noisy hasn't helped either. £700 (that's trade) on parts alone and still not fixed. So after a very brief experience with Kia, it looks like it's time to go back to VW.

So in short, I'm here for information and advice from the seasoned ID4 owners.
Thanx in advance.

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Post by Deltadave »

I have a 77 pro performance- since jan. No complaints. I test drove a Niro before buying the Vw. I felt the Vw build was just a different class, to be honest. I suspect a Niro gives slightly better range, but not sure.
If the Vw software is 3.2 there is no problem, but the app is a bit basic.
However overall it is a very, very good car.
Pro 77kwh 3.2 software
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Post by Oakley16 »

I have a pro performance max for 2 months now and have to say it’s a loverly car. Can’t fault the build and ride comfort. Like above wish they would improve the app. I have a eniro as a company car it’s good but the iD4 is such better car. I have the adjustable suspension on the ID4 which a very nice option. So far loving the VW!
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