Intelligent Octopus and EVEC charger issues

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Post by dom1984 »

I have a VW ID.4 Family Pro and have done every part of the setup for the Intelligent Octopus and have had emails back and forth.

They keep telling me that the charger is the issue as it is overriding there service taking control.

However I can't see how, Octopus ask me if there is a plug in and charge setting but there isn't. There is just 2 settings, schedule and manual.

I was wondering if anyone else ahs this charger and has successfully got IO to work with it?

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Post by SteveH »

How far are you getting with the set up?

I just set up my ID.4 last night with Intelligent Octopus linked to the car and (for the moment) using a granny charger.
It was a bit of a faff, took a couple of goes to add the car, then the car stopped the test charge too soon.
Got it connected in the end and charged correctly overnight.

Pleased with it so far.
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