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Faults and Technical chat for the Volkswagen ID.4
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I've just had to have my tyres replaced, the garage stated the wear was due to low tyre pressure, however I have always checked them when the tyre warning light comes on. Is there an issue with the warning light?

My ID4 is nearly 3 years old and I had no issues until now:
- The horn started sounding (as thought someone had their hand on it) and would only stop if I drove over 20mph. Driving it to the garage was embarrassing as every time I stopped for roadworks the horn went off. It turns out it was a "worn wire".

- We put the car into reverse and it went forward, luckily we were going slowly.

- Sometime it fails to unlock, however works 5-10 mins later.

For the last 3 weeks it's been in the garage and I've been given a hire car, which whilst very new (under 1300miles) I've had to call the AA out twice as it failed to start and am getting the run round between the garage and the hire company,

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