Advice on what tariff and home charger to go for a Volkswagen ID4 please

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Looking for advice on what is the best tariff and with what supplier (U.K)....and what is home EV charger to opt for a Volkswagen ID4 please....mileage will be 100 miles to max 200 miles per week ...completely novice to all this....any advice is welcome....thanks in advance....!!!

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I’m with octopus energy. Cheap nighttime rate. I think there are a couple of other providers that offer similar. I find it worth it as we now put the dishwasher and washing machine on overnight, too.
Regards chargers- I have a hypervolt . All good with that. Bear in mind though they need an internet connection so make sure it’s placed in the house Wi-Fi area. We had to put a Wi-Fi range extender in for the signal to reach the charger.
If you have plenty of cash, and are staying at your house for a few years - solar panels and battery storage are the way to go!
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So my suggestion would be to go for Octopus Energy Intelligent Octopus Go.
Your normal cost during the day will be a few pence more, but at night between 11:30pm and 5:30am you will get your electricity at 7.5p/kwh, which is mad cheap, around 1.8p per mile. This is all your energy use, so as DeltaDave says if you put your washing machine/dishwasher on then that's cheap as well, which is what we do.
With Intelligent Go you let Octopus control charging on your car or charger (more on the latter in a minute) so if you need more electric than you can get during that period you get additional cheaper 7.5p slots. You can even plug your car in at 8am and it'll charge it cheap up until 11am (although doing that regularly may be against T&Cs)
Octopus will control your car charger, but with the ID.4 I found it not 100% reliable, but they can also control your charger if you have an Ohm or Zappi. I've got a Zappi and it's absolutely brilliant, it's got a display and on device controls if you need them, but also an app and fully controllable via WiFi. I would say the only downside of the Zappi is it isn't the prettiest, but if it doesn't offend you I think it's great.
Any further questions then do ask.
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Octopus Intelligent Go with a Hypervolt.
I think with some other electric providers the "cheap tariff" is for only what goes through the charger.
For an indication by switching the dishwasher to overnight and a few other things, not the washing machine, 50% of my monthly consumption is on the 7.5p/kwh rate.
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Another vote for Intelligent Octopus. .
Make sure you apply for an Electroverse card as well (it allows you to use some fast chargers at a discounted rate and the cost is added to your electricity bill).

I use a Zappi with my ID4 and it works perfectly well.
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