Reflecting on the Test Drive: A Mix of Regret and Excitement

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An Automotive Journey: From Mitsubishi EVO VIII to the ID4 AWD"

My automotive journey began with a Mitsubishi EVO VIII in my youth, before the responsibilities of family life and a move from the UK. After some less memorable rides in between, I found myself thoroughly enjoying a 2017 Renault Megane GT (Estate) – a car I truly loved, until it was unfortunately stolen in 2018. It was a loss that left a lasting impression, as I genuinely cherished that vehicle.

With the Megane gone, I turned my sights toward the burgeoning market of electric vehicles (EVs), particularly eyeing an EV SUV that would fit my needs. However, despite my research, none of the options seemed to check all the boxes for me. Eventually, I settled for a 2018 Tiguan Carat Exclusive 4Motion. It was a solid choice, ticking most of the boxes, except for one crucial aspect – it lacked that thrilling "va va vroom" that I had come to appreciate in my previous rides.

Fast forward to a routine service visit at the dealership a couple of weeks ago, where fate took an unexpected turn. While waiting for my Tiguan, I caught a glimpse of an ID4 1st Edition in the showroom. Its sleek design caught my eye, and unlike some EV SUVs that seem to mimic traditional internal combustion engine cars, the ID4 had a unique appeal. Yet, despite its allure, I felt it was missing that extra spark that would truly excite me.

As I wandered around the dealership, I noticed a few more ID4s parked outside. Among them, one stood out as different – it had a sportier exterior and interior. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was an AWD model with nearly 300bhp. My interest piqued, boxes were being ticked, and curiosity got the best of me.

"The Mistake" occurred when I asked for a test drive... and 8 days later, there it was parked outside my home with only 24km on the clock (including the drive home).

The ID4 AWD completely transformed my perception. It made my 2018 Tiguan Carat Exclusive (which I previously thought was a very nice ride) feel like it belonged to a bygone era. The ID4 was fast, responsive, and technologically advanced, reminiscent of the awe I felt when I test drove the EVO VIII years ago.

Now, I find myself in a situation akin to unexpectedly finding out your family is expanding. A mix of happiness and confusion, wondering how this exhilarating turn of events came to be.

So, a word of caution to those considering a test drive – like me, you may "regret it" but not really. Yes, the steering wheel is on the 'wrong' side for some, but as they say, you can't have it all... or can you?


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