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Just joined so here goes, I got an ID4 Pro as a company vehicle on August 23 after having a Kona EV for 3 years, and whilst the VW is a comfortable car and easier to get in to and out of at my age the infotainment and software is not a patch on the Kona the only problem I had after 34 months of use was the 12-volt battery needed replacing apart from the odd puncture and screen chip nothing, 4 months of ID4 use, voice activation comes on without touching the activation button, door lock actuator clicks on and off whilst driving, the alarm went off when nobody was near the vehicle 4 hours after a software update and now can't open the driver's door unless you wrench on the handle or if Jeff Capes is in the area to help you get in. It seems at times that the software has a mind of its own and I am asking myself why didn't I wait 3 months for the new Kona but hindsight is a marvelous thing and it looks like a trip to VW is on the cards.

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I had the same alarm issue after a service & software update at the dealers. It kept going off randomly. I called VW - AA assist , the technician who attended diagnosed a faulty Body Control Unit. He disabled the alarm. The dealer had given me an appointment for a couple of weeks.

Hope your problem does not last as long as mine did to get fixed.
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