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Post by Warrior » Mon Jun 06, 2022 9:37 am

I've just downloaded the Bonnet app too, so thank you from me as well.
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Post by Johnb » Sun Jun 19, 2022 5:04 pm

Had an issue with my We Charge card, tried to use an Ionity Charger at Hesset in Norfolk for the first time. The RFID was not recognised, spoke to Eilli customer services, they advised the card account had be set up and was functioning ok. Tried again no joy, talked to Ionity, they reset the charger and tried again, no joy, Ionity suggested i try to activate the charger via their app to confirm there was nothing wrong with the charger. Followed instructions via the ionity app all ok, allow would only charge at 40kw/h. Whilst waiting called Elli to complain again, they advised to send details, as i have a paid subscription the non account fee for charging was significantly greater than the subscription discount. Was advised they would refund me, received email yesterday advising the claim for reimbursement was rejected and these cards fail from time to time. Not happy and notified them of consumer rights waiting for response.

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