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Fin wrote: Mon Jun 17, 2024 8:20 pm I got an update today saying that the car is at the dealer and will be delivered by the leasing company next week!! So on Tuesday 11th June, I was told it was delayed at Emden and due on 15th July and then by Monday 17th June it's in the UK ready for delivery. Not sure if it's an issue with the reliability of the information coming from VW or the dealer / leasing company. I don't know how long it was at status 38, but I hope yours arrives soon.
Ahhhh brill news for you!! I'm hoping there is some sort of issue with tracking rather than it being stuck at Emden then, because it doesn't seem like there are any ships planned from Emden to Grimsby soon and there was quite a few last week! Let me know how you find it :D

Also, what's your local dock do you know? Are you south, midlands or north?

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The supplying dealer is VW Windrush in Slough so I think the port would have been Sheerness.
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