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Post by Starli » Tue Jun 14, 2022 3:55 pm

Hi all, losing the will to live! I’ve had a brand new ID 4 for two weeks. When I collected it, it showed up to 220 miles (not 260), now only showing 197 miles on a full charge! Tried a 115 mile trip and had to turn round as after 8 miles it said I had used 78 miles!
Today it’s been in to Volkswagen, who have said there is no problem with the car!
I’m far from happy but they are refusing to accept there is anything wrong with the car, instead are saying it’s the way I drive the car! Interesting as only driven in town and not got above the speed limit.
Any ideas what to do next?

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Post by tkid » Tue Jun 14, 2022 4:49 pm

At the end of the day it boils down to two factors: Outside ambient temperature and your style of driving.

Have a look at the data you are seeing in the car. What mi/kWh are you getting Since Last Charge, Since Start and Long Term Data?

From what I've experienced, I've seen my remaining range go down as well as up when I start the car depending on the outside temp at the time of start (with driving style being constant between trips). The remaining range prior to start seems to be based off the outside temp when you last shut down the car.

Many people get hung up over the difference between advertised range and real-world range, but in reality do people in their ICE cars run them down until the petrol tank is empty? Or do they complain when the advertised MPG doesn't meet the real world MPG?

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Post by Kelvin1066 » Wed Jun 15, 2022 9:39 pm

How disappointing for you. While you will never get the full range they quote you should expect more reliability of range. I previously bought a Peugeot and had similar issues though never as bad as 78 miles after 8 miles. I found the workshop unhelpful - they just do the tests and if ok are not interested in anything further. I'm sorry to say i ended up selling the car still not knowing whether the range i was getting was appropriate for the car or whether my particular car was faulty.

The 197 miles on full charge would be based on your driving pattern previous to charging - if you then drove on different roads eg - slower speeds and not stop/start town use you may find that it adjusts and actually achieves more mileage.

I have been pleased with both the range and reliability of the range indicator in my ID4 so am surprised at the difficulties you are facing. Hopefully there may be a software issue that is affecting the range indicator.

My suggestion would be to carefully log your miles against range indicator making a note of approx speeds type of driving. I would also drive as gently as you can - not that you should have to but just to see if it does make a significant difference. I prepared a spreadsheet which I presented to my dealer. I found the sales people were much more helpful than the workshop staff and also escalated my complaint to the manager. I don't know how it works if you didn't buy from a dealer but I believe there is a VW helpline - I would try that as well. Like any purchase you are entitled to a fit for purpose vehicle and if yours does not give appropriate range bearing in mind the difference between advertised range and real world range you should be able to get recompense. Citizens Advice or your legal cover insurer may provide help if it comes to this. You no doubt don't want to take this route but it may help you to get heard. It is not acceptable for the workshop to fob you off if your range continues to be so hit and miss.

I will hope to hear later on the forum that you manage to get your problems sorted out.

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