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Post by AndyF » Fri Jul 15, 2022 8:00 am

What’s the best mileage people are getting out of their tyres?
I have Bridgestone’s and the rears are approaching end of life at nearly 15,000 miles. The fronts still have plenty left. Bearing in mind 6000 miles were when it was a dealer demonstrator and managers run around I think 15k is pretty good. Thought I’d have to replace one the other day when I parked on a discarded dog grooming rake, tines up. Eased forward and it was well and truly embedded. I don’t know if it fully penetrated but if it did the self seal did the trick as it’s still fully inflated a week later.

I’m sure there was a previous thread on here on tyre choice and life but I can’t find it. Hence the new topic.
ID.4 1st edition
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