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Post by Vinnieblue »

Hi . Recently got 2022 ID4 serviced with software update . Since the service the following happens when I scheduled my Zappi charger to charger at low cost hours in the early morning.
The following sequence occurs on the zappi app:
Waiting for Ev
Charged delayed error.
Reset zappi nothing happens
Unlocked car and the charger started straight away on fast mode
I have never used the VW schedule do have nothing set.
I have reset Zappi and deleted app from my phone but problem still persist.

This has only happened since service

Can anyone help ?

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Post by Deltadave »

Mine very rarely fails a scheduled charge. But when it does it’s usually because I have failed to plug it in properly, or messed around with the settings and failed to put them back.
Check your car, unit, and if you have an app set up for your energy provi- check them all!
Hopefully it is just a one off for you.
Pro 77kwh 3.2 software
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Post by jlsjls7 »

We have the exact same problem. After my 2022 ID4 was serviced with software update, I am unable to get the car to charge using the scheduler. This is what happens:

1. Set scheduled time to charge (I have a Zappi).
2. At the time the car should start charging, the Zappi app shows "EV is preventing charge"
3. The Zappi displays "Charge Delayed"
4. The car shows the error "Charging cancelled"
5. There are also 2 reports shown on the car's display. "Unable to fully charge the vehicle. Please consult vehicle wallet" and "Please follow the instructions on the charging station or use different station"

If I walk up to the car and open the door, the car starts charging. It's like it need to be "woken up" to accept the charge. Took the car to the dealer and they simply plugged it in and the car was charging. As they didn't replicate the timed charge scenerio, they said there was nothing they could do. And, no other customer has reported this problem. :-(

I have updated the Zappi firmware, checked any charging settings on the car. Still have the problem. The dealer now says call breakdown assistance, they will collect the car, give us a loaner and try to fix it.

We are convinced this problem was caused by the service we just received. Anyone else have this problem and might know the fix?

Thank you
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Post by Burkemd »

I’ve got the exact same issue, its like the car needs waking up to accept the charge. I spent a week trying every setting I could find, I even left the car unlocked all night to see if it would accept the charge, no change. Definitely a software/settings issue since the upgrade to 3.2.
My next job is to test how long it needs to be left locked to manually repeat the issue for vw as they are in denial.
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Post by mccannf »

My ID.4 was on v3.0 of the software for the last 1.5 years and I had no problems with scheduled charging from my Zappi v2.1 at night.

My VW dealer upgraded my ID.4 to v3.7 last week (8 July) and then I noticed problems with scheduled charging at night (2am to 6am). When I started testing afterwards with the MyEnergi app I could see the message "EV is preventing charging" in the app when the boost was due to begin and "Charging Delayed" in the Zappi logs. The LED on the car by the charge socket remained off all of the time. No scheduled charging or configuration is set up on the VW ID.4. I tried various things but no luck.

After some googling on the Myenergi forum I found this article:
https://support.myenergi.com/hc/en-gb/a ... 65-VW-ID-3

I know it focused on the ID.3 but the exact same fuse is in the ID.4 so I followed the instructions- removed it and put it back in.
Now the car wakes back up again when the Zappi scheduled charging kicks in - at least it has with the last 2 attempts.
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